Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Pottery. On a pottery blog. Go figure!

I have been horribly remiss in checking for pottery identification emails. Because that address has been around for awhile, it is almost over-run with spam. For those of you who have sent pottery photos, thanks for your patience. I will try to get to them as soon as I can.

This cookie jar pic was sent in by Penny, who was wondering if it could be Brush. The bottom is marked W8.

Since I don't collect cookie jars, let me warn you that many were reproduced, and I don't know which ones or how to spot the fakes. I know some of them are pretty good ones. So I advise getting the opinion of someone who is more knowledgeable in cookie jars just to be sure.

But yes, this is a Brush cookie jar. It can be found on the bottom of page 134 of "The Guide to Brush McCoy Pottery" by Martha and Steve Sanford, and it is listed as #W8. They list the value as $350-400 (1992-93 price guide).

I hope that helps!

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Jon Singer said...


Don't have your email address; would like to send you photos of an unidentified bowl that I have here.

The logo is at --


-- and I can easily add an overview of the bowl. (My email address is on almost every page at jossresearch.org, in a slightly obscure text format so the robots won't harvest it.)

I have now seen two of these bowls, different sizes and different glazes, but clearly the same design and with the same identifying marks.

Any ideas?

Best --