Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Another Brush Cookie Jar

This must be the time of year for Brush cookie jars. Lisa sent these pictures looking for an identification.

My same disclaimer applies as for the last post: I don't know how to tell if a cookie jar is real or fake (lots were reproduced), so please double-check the identification with a cookie jar expert.

The W27 cookie jar is called the "Laughing Hippo" cookie jar, and is pictured on page 135 of Sanford's "The Guide to Brush-McCoy Pottery". It lists the date as 1961, and the price as $450-550 (1992-93 price guide).


srj5783 said...

My mother in law received a junky monkey cookie jar in 1961 from her mother in law, she gave it to my husband. I love it. Its cute. We hope to pass it on to my daughter. I have no doubt this one is real because of when she received it. I would think that a reproduced would have came out later.

Rita said...

Thanks for the picture! I bought (and sold) the bottom, but didn't know what the top looked like. I love your blog, btw. Keep up the good work!